My Client Testimonials

My Client Testimonials...

"We recommend Meg Balles every time we get an opportunity - she ROCKS!"- Carla Allred

"Returns calls promptly, will work around your schedule as far as possible.  Knowledgable, demendable and easy to work with." -N/A

"Very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of home purchase." -Judith Roberts

"She was very knowledgeable, courteous, and honest.  Meg is awsome!" -Mike Rizzo

"Meg is someone that looks out for our interests. She is very knowledgeable as well as professional. We have bought numerous properties with her assistance and trust her totally. She's the best." - Carla Allred

"The experience of both buying and selling a home so close to each other was fantastic. Meg was an expert in my book. She was there for us all the way with both homes. Thank you!" - Alice K. Klundt

"Personable and knowledgeable about area." -Elizabeth Buck

"Meg Balles is awesome! We were purchasing the home long distance so we needed to rely on her a lot to answer questions and check into things. Would definitely recommend her." - Dave and Linda Hegrenes

"Good communicator, very responsive, good energy. Felt very comfortable with her."- Sandra Hamill

"She listens well and follows instructions well. Her coordination with escrow, home inspection and lender was excellent. Meg is a no drama, get it done person. She will be our listing agent if we sell!"- Tracy & Laura Stice

"She's great! You will love her and the work she does."- Irene Alseth

"Meg Balles was the best real estate agent that I have ever dealt with. She always kept me informed of what was going on and was helpful in all aspects of my sale."- Judy Roberts

"Meg has been our "Go To Gal" through three transactions - we have never doubted her guidance or advice. She tells it like it is; her word is as good as gold. I have recommended her in the past and would again."- Julia Graham

"Meg Balles is very knowledgeable regarding the market. I would and have referred her to my friends and family."- Evelyn Paulsen

"Love Meg! She's the best! Knowledgeable, friendly, professional "- Camille & Dan Gallegos

"She was wonderful explaining everything in a way we would understand. She just was beyond the average agent.

I have worked with Meg Balles twice now and she's been wonderful. Would most definitely use her again!"- Judy Paulsen

"Meg was great with whom to work. She answered all of our questions thru the process. She was never too busy to return a phone call or answer an email. We would recommend her to anyone."- Acey Oberly Jr.

"Meg is knowledgeable, professional and personable. She made the process of buying our home as pleasant as she could."- Megan Jensen

"Meg was very helpful, professional and patient with us through the process. She was very pleasant. We will cheerfully recommend Meg to anyone needing services to list a home. We miss her."- Karen and Elizabeth Goveia

"We like Meg Balles' down to earth style. She is knowledgeable and direct, and we appreciate that."- Mallahan

"Meg Balles is one in hundreds! I've used many Realtors in my lifetime but few have been as knowledgeable as her. My desire for communication was exceeded by her, she is unflappable and her humor did not diminish her professionalism."- Tom Kepler

"Meg Balles was representing the seller, but went out of her way to make sure that everyone had a fair deal and did a great job of trying to ensure no problems if the properties were resold in future. She made sure everything was in order. We would definitely use her in the future."- Karin Brook

"Meg is a great communicator. She is knowledgeable and patient."- Anna Jones

"She kept us informed all through the process. We were always able to reach her with questions, professional and caring. Following up after we had moved in to see how things were going."- Gary and Catherine Zumwalt

"We had a great experience/relationship with our agent."- Colin Ramsey

"Meg is the best. We have already recommended her to others."- Ike Allred

"Meg Balles was wonderful!! Thank you!! She was excellent, helpful, and professional."- Paula and Steve

"We had a really great experience working with our agent. She worked really hard for us and would definitely work with her again if/when we look for a new home."- Scott and Sara Mortimer

"She (and her husband!) were willing to go the extra mile for us. We greatly appreciate her service."- Nancy Mallahan

"Meg was excellent to work with - made a hard job lots easier for my husband and I. Highly recommend Meg B!!!"

"Meg was extremely helpful through the entire process."- Larry Graham

"Meg represented us when we bought this house & she rerepresented us in selling it. She is the best! Thank youl."- Danny & Connie Savage

"Meg met and exceeded our expectations. She has a sharp mind and thinks of things that we haven't. We felt that she "looked out for us" and defended our interests. It speaks highly of Prudential that she represents your company."

"The best agent we have ever worked with. I recommend her to everybody I can. We really appreciate the knowledge and dedication she brings to the job."- Ike Allred

"Meg went far beyond what was professional and normal. She was a great representative for your firm and found us a nice home we could afford."- Ron Rood

"Meg is amazing! She answers any and all questions day and night without hesitation. She seems more like a friend or family instead of an agent. We love her!"- Chantel Mills

"Meg was awesome, explained things I didn't understand, had our backs! Would recommend her to anyone I knew was interested in buying real estate."- Tammy Call

"Meg was the best person for me. I would recommend her in a heart beat. She's family now and forever!"- Marie Surgeon

"Meg Balles was by far the best agent we have ever dealt with. Our home had no financing available and several other issues arose and she was always positive and worked through every issue! Thanks!"- Elna and Leonard Iseminger

"We had a very good experience with Meg. She was most helpful and professional in every way."- Marcia Swedin

"Meg has helped us aquire seven properties. She is always thinking of things we hadn't considered. She's willing to make calls and check things out for us. She has "done us right" over and over. We think we have the best agent out there."- Carla Allred

"Meg was truly amazing. She went above and beyond for us. We are so thrilled with everything she has done for us!"

"Meg Balles is an outstanding real estate agent and your office is very fortunate to have her. She did an excellent job representing my sister and me."- Sally Jo Mitchell

"We consider our agent the best there is. We recommend her to everybody. If you want the job done right call Meg."- Ike A.

"Meg was far above & beyond our expectations. A great person. You are fortunate to have her aboard. Thanks Meg."- Gregory Blevins

"I have already stated to a couple of different people that Meg did a very good job of handling the sale of Mom's house. The above questions were answered with deep sincerity for our appreciation of Meg's good job."- Douglas Blevins

"Meg Balles made the whole experience a lot of fun. We both thoroughly enjoyed working with Meg -- she is terrific."- Cathy and Greg Cannon

"We recommend Meg Balles every time we get an opportunity - she ROCKS!"- Carla Allred